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Pneumatically Operated Control Valves
Self-Actuated Pressure Reducing Valves ( PRV ) and Power Cylinders etc.
Apron Covers, Roll Way Covers
Telescopic Guard
Dust Expansion Joints
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Ball Valves
Butterfly Valves
Orifice Plates
Valve Boosters
Air Lock Relays
Machine Covers - Bellows
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Super Heated Wash Water Systems
Way Wipers, Strips Brush Wipers
Welding Curtains
Fume Extraction Ducts
Air Blower Ducts
Flexible Air Ducts

Our product range also includes Globe Valves, Pneumatic Valve Positioners, etc.
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Valve Positioners

Design Features :

  1. Based on Pneumatic force - balance principle.
  2. Employs a sensitive bellows.
  3. Adjustable stroke range upto 4" provides flexibility to use with any actuators.
  4. Direct and reverse action option.
  5. By pass facility provided as standard.
  6. Convertible in to pneumatic position transmitter.
  7. Suitable for double acting cylinder with four way pilot relay.

Performance Features :

  • Accuracy within 1% of Valve Stroke ( Valve Travel ).
  • Responds to Extremely small changes in control signal. 
  • Reduces time lag of the signal from the controller to the valve.
  • Useful for operating actuators with spring range higher than the control signal range, 
    there by reducing actuator size.
  • Permits split range operation of control valves.

Features :

  1. Uses Valve Positioner - (Type HVP) working on force balance principal.
  2. High sensitivity and excellent stability assure is performance even for service with variations.
  3. Simple and durable construction makes it easy for maintenance.
  4. The Direct action or reverse action or vice versa can be changed - without any additional parts or special tools. The same does not demand any re-positioning of positioner or tubing.
  5. Case and cover is designed to with stand vibrations and rough handling.
  6. Adjustment for valve travel and starting point are easily accessible after removing the  cover of positioner

Valve Positioners    

  • Heavy duty case and internals.
  • Highly visible position indicator.
  • Simple operating principle.
  • High air delivery capacity.
  • Easy change from direct to reverse acting.
  • Easy servicing.
  • Low air consumption.
  • Split range standard.

Product Description
The Electro-Pneumatic Positioner YT-1000L is used for operation of pneumatic rotary valve actuators by means of electrical controller or control systems with an analog output signal of DC 4 to 20Ma or split ranges.
Features and Functions
• There is no resonance at 5~200Hz.
• The change of RA/DA Acting is convenient, it is able to apply to single or double acting actuator.
• It is possible to prevent the hunting with orifice to the small size actuator.
• It is economical due to less air consumption.
• It is able to control the ½ split range with simple operation without replacement of parts.
Item.Type  Single   Double Item.Type  Single Double
Input Signal
4-20mA DC
Ambient Temp
250±15 Ohm
±1% F.S.
±2% F.S.
Supply Pressure
1.4~7kgf/㎠ (20~100psi)
±1% F.S.
±0.2% F.S.
±0.5% F.S.
Air Connection
PT (NPT) ¼
±0.5% F.S.
Gauge Connection
PT (NPT) 1/8
Air Consumption
PF 1/2 (G1/2)
Flow Capacity
Explosion Proof
Ex dm IIB T5
Ex dm IIC T5
Ex ia IIB T6
Aluminum Diecasting
Pneumatic and Hydraulic Cylinders

Features :

  • High integrity construction.
  • High accuracy & stability.
  • Wide variety of termination options.
  • Fast response & high insulation resistance.
  • Comprehensive range of diameters.

Pressure Controllers

Introduction :
Pressure controller is very versatile, reliable and accurate pressure or vacuum controller to satisfy modern process control requirements. The complexity or controlled system and greater demand for closer control has been carefully considered in designing Pressure Controller.

The primary element used for measurement of Pressure Controller can be Bellow or Bourdon tube depending upon pressure, the range which can be 0.2 Kg./cm2 to 200 KG./cm2

Features :

  1. Controller can be changed from Direct to Reverse action or vice-versa by simple repositioning nozzle block and reversing Bellow connections.
  2. Universal case-mounting provide with the controller helps the mounting to be done on valve panel or on the yoke of a Control Valve. The case is weather-poof and even suitable for field installations.

Applications : Oil, Chemical and Sugar Industry.